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  • Rafael Fernandez Mejias

    Rafael Fernandez Mejias

    CTO at A&M consulting. Working on product development, maps passionate ...

  • Abhinav Singh

    Abhinav Singh

    Backend Developer by profession. Still figuring out my way around tech, programming & adulting

  • Al Anany

    Al Anany

    Business Consultant | $300m+ Raised | Blockchain & Machine Learning-Focused | Zurich, Switzerland

  • Agustinus Theodorus

    Agustinus Theodorus

    Loves to share his thoughts and opinions on the internet.

  • Nehal Khan

    Nehal Khan

    Full Stack Developer and Tech Enthusiast. I write about JavaScript, CSS and Programming.

  • Juan Cruz Martinez

    Juan Cruz Martinez

    I’m an entrepreneur, developer, author, speaker, and doer of things. I write about JavaScript, Python, AI, and programming in general.

  • Bryn Bennett

    Bryn Bennett

    Full stack engineer at Stealth Startup // Writer // Ex-Music Manager // Dog mom // Tree People volunteer 🏳️‍🌈

  • Mehmet Özkaya

    Mehmet Özkaya

    I’m currently working as a Software Architect. Focus on microservices architectures on .Net https://github.com/mehmetozkaya

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